It is so important to seal natural stone. Whether you have a travertine floor, marble countertop or vanity, or a slate shower, they all need to be thoroughly sealed. Here’s a quick and easy way to test your stone to see if it needs to be sealed:

  1. Wet your finger with water from a faucet
  2. Rub your wet finger along the grout lines
  3. Do your grout lines suck up the water and instantly change color? If so, you need to seal your stone. Do your grout lines change color after a few seconds? If so, you should look at getting your stone re-sealed sometime soon. Do your grout lines keep the exact same color as they had before you put water on them? If so, your floors are protected and you can rest easy. Check again in a year

Isn’t that easy? Now you know how to check to see if your natural stone needs to be sealed or not.