Recently, Stone Touch finished polishing a travertine floor in the Ancala development in Scottsdale. The customer was ecstatic at the job done!


But, there was a problem. Upon receipt of the final payment, we realized that we estimated a separate step in the process that our lead technician decided was not necessary after all, and which he had decided to skip. It was a step that added an additional $500 to the price of the job.


Around here, we try to do everything according to our “Culture of Honesty“. Even though the customer loved the work that we had done on his travertine, and had paid us according to what we originally agreed upon, we felt that we had money that we had not earned. We called the customer to tell him that we were able to refund him $500. You can imagine how excited he was to get that call.


Essentially, this is our refund policy: We do not want money that we haven’t earned. If it somehow ends up in our hands, we’ll give it back.


We love opportunities to prove to people that we deliver superior service. I believe that this was one of them.