One of the most common phone calls that we receive goes something like this:

“My travertine floor is dirty. No matter how much I clean it, I can’t get the  “cloudy” look removed. So, I figured that it must be time for it to be professionally cleaned.”

We’ve found that 9 times out of 10, when a customer has this problem, it is not really so much a problem with it being “dirty” per se. It typically means that the floor needs to be re-finished. The surface of a floor made out of travertine, marble, or limestone will wear away after time. This is caused by foot traffic, pets, and using the wrong types of cleaners. Fortunately, Stone Touch can bring your floor back to life by either honing or polishing your floor. It will look amazing when we’re done with it. We promise.

So, when is the right time to clean travertine, marble, or limestone? The answer to that depends on you. If you clean your travertine, marble, or limestone floor every week or every other week with water and a microfiber mop, you really shouldn’t ever need to have a professional company like ours come in to clean. However, if you don’t clean your floor until you see the grout lines turning dark, and the pits collecting dirt, you’ll probably need to have Stone Touch come in once a year to do a professional cleaning on your floor.