natural stone care

Cleaning Travertine, Marble & Other Natural Stone

After time, tile builds up residue and dirt that cannot be removed with a daily cleaner, and may need professional cleaning. We use scrubbing machinery and specialty stone cleaners that clean your floor better than you thought possible.

However, quite often, customers think their floor needs to be “cleaned”, when really what they’re after is a new “finish” (ie. hone or polish). Here’s why. A natural stone floor begins to wear with time. Foot traffic and pets wear the finish away. Additionally, it’s not uncommon for the finish on some customer’s floors to become slightly etched and stained do to many things: using a harsh cleaner on the floor, pet’s urine, the cleaning lady uses the wrong cleaner, spilled liquids in the kitchen, etc.

When the floor is cloudy looking, or it seems like it just won’t get clean, it may need a new finish.

We clean TravertineMarbleSlateFlagstoneLimestoneSaltilloTerrazoCantera and Onyx.


Sealing Travertine, Marble & Other Natural Stone

The Stone Touch sealing process includes the masking of all wood (cabinets & baseboards), carpets, and appliances adjacent to the floor surface before the sealer is applied.

Penetrating Sealers

Stone Touch applies the highest quality penetrating sealers, which are correctly applied by our team of stone experts. Penetrating sealers leave no visible trace when applied correctly. If misapplied, they can leave a haze on the floor.

Topical Acrylic Sealers

Stone Touch uses acrylic sealers on some rough interior surfaces (such as slate and flagstone). This ensures that the stone looks beautiful, and is easy to maintain.

Color Enhancing Sealers

Stone Touch uses a color enhancing sealer to bring out the natural color variations of stones. It isn’t recommended on certain stone types nor on certain stone locations. Please talk to one of the natural stone experts on our team for more info.

We seal Travertine, Marble, Slate, Flagstone, Limestone, Saltillo, Terrazo, Cantera and Onyx.

The best way to maintain your natural stone floor is to get it professionally cleaned.

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