Paradise Valley - Polished Marble (featured)

Polishing Stone

Polishing natural stone leaves a high gloss finish on the stone. It is a process that combines abrasion and pressure to shine the surface of the stone itself (similar to the glossy finish of a diamond). Don’t be fooled by products or companies that claim to “polish” your stone by applying a wax or acrylic to the surface of the stone. Though shiny when applied, these topical products wear away quickly, collect dirt, and cannot be removed without an expensive process (click here to learn more about “stripping”).

A polished floor has a glassy look to it, and has a brilliant reflective shine. It can be restored again and again. It is timeless, elegant look.

A polished floor can always be re-finished with a satiny honed finish to add a new look to an old floor.

We can polish Marble, Limestone, Travertine and Onyx.

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